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    Home Design Styles

    Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Saturday, May 14, 2016

    CottageInteriorIt can be hard to design the interior of your home without the proper knowledge of the different types of interior design styles. There are hundreds of design styles, all with hundreds of definitions. The styles we will focus on here are contemporary, traditional, transitional, cottage, and eclectic. With a little research, you are sure to find the design style that is right for you.

    Contemporary Interior Design

    Modern design styles are the same as contemporary design styles. This is because contemporary is more of a here and now style. This style shows an emphasis on clean lines and form, neutral colors paired with bold pops of color, open floor plans and natural lighting.

    The Classic Traditional Design

    When choosing the traditional design style, the focus is all on elegance and coziness. Furniture takes a more rounded form and takes on a symmetrical arrangement in rooms. Persian-style rugs decorate the floors and heavy drapes are used as window treatments. The architecture in the room features rich moldings and strong attention to the woodwork. This classic and comfortable design style is truly beautiful.

    Dreamy Cottage Style

    Does the story of Snow White pop into your head when you think of cottage style? This is a very casual and personal style. The cottage style is closest to the rustic, farmhouse, coastal, country and shabby chic style. This is a style that uses modest moldings and vintage furniture pieces commonly found in thrift stores. If you're on a tight budget, then this might be the style for you as many of these pieces can be crafted by hand.

    Throw Them All Together

    For a decor that has a little bit of everything, try the eclectic style. This style pulls elements from different time periods and trends, throws them in a blender and creates one amazing interior design style. This interior design style is great for someone who wants a little bit of everything. However, you need to be careful as this style can go from incredible to horrible instantly if it isn't done correctly. The décor contrasts with other elements of the room, taking on a kind of uniqueness.

    Contemporary Plus Traditional Equals Transitional

    Put together the clean lines of contemporary interior design style with the comfort of traditional interior design, and you get what is known as the Transitional style. This style uses contemporary furniture pieces, but they are designed with dark woods and elegant colors. If you're into both the traditional and contemporary styles of design, then the right choice for you may be the transitional style.

    When designing your home's interior, you want to make sure to choose something that fits your and your family's tastes. Comfort comes with style, and being comfortable in your own home is the most important thing to do. After all, it is the place you come to at the end of a long day's work, and it's the place you feel safe, so it should also be the place you love.

    How to Design a Room on a Budget

    Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Wednesday, March 30, 2016

    InteriorDIYPaintingWhen it comes to interior decorating, things don't need to be expensive and stressful. There are many different ways to decorate a room in your home without having to break the bank. Being creative, adventurous, and frugal can create some amazing things within your home.

    Spruce Up Your Walls

    One of the most dramatic and inexpensive ways to design a room is paint. Light colors can give a room more space, whereas dark colors can make a larger room feel more cozy and warm.

    You can help yourself in planning the décor for the rest of the room by starting with a wall color. Upon being satisfied with the wall color you should move on to the accessories for your walls. Pictures and mirrors that have bold-colored frames can help to make a statement in a room. You can create the illusion of space by adding large, multiple mirrors to the walls of a room, which will make it feel larger than it actually is. You can make a room feel organized and welcome by adding floating shelves for placing books and knick-knacks.

    Getting a Deal

    When it comes to interior designing on a budget, thrift stores can be your best friend. Finding amazing things at thrift stores and second-hand shops is definitely possible if you truly look for it. There are many people that donate furniture pieces in excellent condition, that would look great in your home.

    If you're looking to keep the sofa you already have, just add a slipcover for an easy and quick color change. Buying a slipcover for almost any piece of upholstered furniture is possible. You should also think about waiting for discounts and sales. You can find great deals on décor accessories a few weeks before a season changes, as that's typically when stores have a big sale.

    Do It Yourself

    Being crafty isn't a prerequisite to doing anything yourself. What you already have can be reused by doing simple upgrades. The dull bookshelf you have will look new again with a fresh coat of paint and some contrasting contact paper on the interior back panel. You can save yourself a large sum of money if you aren't afraid of sewing and came make fabric items yourself. Making drapes, tablecloths, and throw pillows yourself will give the rooms a personal touch, making you more comfortable in your own home. A little spray paint isn't anything to be afraid of. Refinishing hardware yourself by spray painting it a modern and bold black or brown is another great, and inexpensive, upgrade that can drastically change the look of a room with hardly any effort. You should be proud when you say that you did it yourself, it's your home after all.

    Your home is your getaway from the hustle and bustle of work and errands. The home should feel however you want it to. Do your research and find the right deals for you before deciding on your design. Planning your design is going to help you make the right purchase at the right price.

    Decorating Your Small Home

    Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Tuesday, March 22, 2016

    SmallLivingRoomWhen you live in a small home, it can sometimes be difficult to find an interior design style that fits both your design and personality needs. Storage, furniture, color schemes, and lighting are all factors in making your small home either spacious or crowded.


    When the place you call home is on the small side, the littlest detail can make a room appear larger. For example, the use of light colors can make a room feel larger while darker colors can make it feel small. You can also double the size of a room by adding large mirrors to a wall. Mirrors give the illusion of more space for an easy room upgrade.

    When it comes to the size of furniture and accessories, choose wisely, it can alter the illusion of space. You can make a room look like it has high ceilings by hanging drapes as close as you can to the molding. Extending the curtain rods on either side of the windows by about four inches won't just allow lots of natural light into the room, but it will also make the window look wider. Remodeling your home to add a look of space isn't necessary, simply adjusting your décor can work wonders.


    The size of your furniture is essential in maximizing space. Small side tables can take the place of a coffee table, which can eat up necessary space. When it comes to furnishings, you need to make every inch count.

    Think about using retro appliances. Not only are they smaller, but they have a timeless decorative charm about them. Adding built-in seating such as window seats in the kitchen and you can rid yourself of unused chairs. In order to eliminate the necessity for side tables, try using lighting other than table lamps. Wall mounted lighting, that is painted the same color as the wall, can give a seamless effect without compromising space. Furniture with multiple purposes is not only great for space but can maximize storage as many styles of ottomans feature a removable top for internal storage.


    The storage possibilities are endless if you get creative and think outside the box. Use the space under the bed as storage by making or purchasing drawers on wheels, or cute containers to store blankets, shoes, and even out-of-season clothing, such as coats and sweaters. There are many beds that come equipped with drawers under them for storage.

    Mount a shelf above the kitchen counters to store cooking supplies off the counter, but still in easy reach. If you are short on closet space in any room, use curtains to create a makeshift closet. Space under the stairs is a great option for storage.

    You shouldn't allow the size of your home to stop you from having a designed interior of dreams. Anything is possible with the use of a little imagination and creativity. You only need to know where to look when it comes seeing the space in your home that you never knew you had.

    A Basic Guide to Amish Furniture

    Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    HandmadeAmishFurnitureAmish furniture building stepped into history when early American folk art was discovered in the 1920s. It was during this time that dealers and historians placed great value on top quality, beautiful pieces. Today, Amish-made furniture is still the most sought-after furniture on the market.


    There were many styles that Amish furniture took on, including southwestern, rustic, cottage and beachfront. However, the Mission, Shaker, and Queen Anne styles are the most popular. The Mission style is well known for its straight lines and exposed joints, which give the style a clean and modern look. Shaker has a very simplistic and basic design that is meant to be durable and functional while still maintaining an elegant look. The Queen Anne style is a contrast to the two aforementioned styles. It features a unique foot detail, hand carved ornamentation and moldings, giving this style a more traditional look.


    There are specific design details that have been developed by Amish families. There are woodworkers that focus only on outdoor furniture, and other focus their attention on pieces for the interior of the home, such as the bedroom or living room. Because of the care taken when selecting the wood, no two pieces of furniture are ever the same. The grain is different on every piece of wood, and craftsmen highlight the features of individual pieces.

    Each piece of furniture is hand-crafted using only hand tools or those that use hydraulic or pneumatic power from diesel compressors. They use a top-quality hardwood, such as white oak, maple, mahogany, or walnut. Because of its antique look, white oak is typically of the Mission style furniture. Mahogany and maple are typical for high-end furniture because of their extremely attractive quality. Walnut's ability to hold stains and polish easily makes it popular.

    How to get it?

    Amish beliefs prevent them from having electricity or a basic internet connection, therefore, they do not personally sell their work online. However, the Amish meet with dealers from all around the country in order to sell their furniture pieces. They also attend craft shows, furniture expositions in the states of Indiana and Ohio, where dealers are able to see the work first-hand. You can find top online dealers of Amish furniture with a quick web search. In order to create custom pieces that cater to your needs, a dealer can ask a builder they work with to take on the job for them. Try looking into an Amish furniture dealer in your area to gain a first-hand look at the quality of the product if you want to see a piece before purchasing it.

    You can't go wrong with an Amish furniture purchase. It is built to last for decades, with little to no repairs when properly cared for. Investing in the beautiful work of the Amish is sure to be an investment you won't regret. After all, when it comes to family heirlooms Amish-built furnishings take the cake. You can't beat the quality of hand-crafted furnishings made by traditional artisans.

    3 Things Everyone Planning on Buying a Log Cabin Should Know

    Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Friday, March 4, 2016

    LogCabinWoodsMany people love log cabins, but not too many are brave enough to live in one. If you plan to own one of these homes, there are three big things that you need to take into consideration. Although owning a log cabin is a great investment, you could easily end up ruining that investment if you don't truly understand the responsibilities that come along with ownership.


    The design of your log cabin will affect how much maintenance is going to be required for your home's exterior over time. Planning your design around low-cost materials, while ensuring that you have adequate living space, is best. Doing so is going to lower your maintenance costs. Designing wraparound porches will help to lower the home's exposure to rain and sunlight, which can improve the life of the wood in return and will also lower maintenance costs. Consider extending the overhang of the roof if you don't have a wraparound porch in your design plans. This is something that will reduce both energy costs and water damage.


    Where you put your cabin will also affect not only maintenance but also your comfort. Log cabins are amazing, but the ones that are built the traditional way don't have good insulation. This means that you'll be cold in the winter and hot in the summer without a conventional cooling or heating system. Wood may be a natural sound insulator, but it just isn't good at insulating when it comes to the elements. The maintenance costs and living costs of a home can be greatly affected by location.


    When it comes to owning a log cabin, maintenance plays a major role. You can quickly end up facing a mountain of problems and wasting your investment if you don't properly maintain your cabin. Wash the exterior of your home once a year with a soft bristle brush, hose, and the kind of soap recommended by either your home's manufacturer or the manufacturer of the stain and sealer used on the outside of the home. While you wash, you need to check for chipping or peeling in the stain and sealer. If you find this, then it is time for the home to be resealed and stained. The logs will shrink with time, and this will require you to caulk between them in order to keep out the elements and spiders and insects as well. If you don't feel comfortable doing the maintenance yourself and decide to hire someone, always make sure they have experience in maintaining log cabins.

    The prestigious look and aesthetic appeal of a log cabin is perfect for anyone looking for a greener way of living without having to lose out on the comforts and luxuries of a traditional home. You can't go wrong when choosing to live a natural lifestyle; and though this is something that can take some adjustment, it's definitely worth it in the end.

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